The Australian Broadway Network is an organization recently founded in the US to promote, assist and develop Australian performers working on Broadway or in the US theatre industry.

The ABN consists of a group of professionals based in New York City who have made the arduous move from Australia to achieve success on the ‘Great White Way’. This group of performers will lend itself as a support network for Australians currently here and for those looking to make the journey from Australia to the USA.

We are dancers, singers, actors, directors, writers, artistic directors, choreographers, producers and advertising specialists.

What started as a very small group of Australians working in New York has grown into a wealth of talent from Down Under. The Australian Broadway Network aims to promote the work of those who have already achieved success in the US, both here and in Australia, with easily accessible information about its members and their achievements. The ABN will also be a landing point for Australians moving to the US and wanting to find a network of professionals in this specific field.

The ABN is a organization that will provide support, advice, promotion of shows and events, networking opportunities and an official register of Australians working in US Theatre. We aim to provide opportunities for corporate sponsorship, touring companies, master classes for visiting Aussie dance and theatre groups, publicity contacts, and celebrations for official Australian holidays and events.

With your support, The Australian Broadway Network can provide much-needed assistance and resources to the Australian theatre community both now and in the future.